Buran Ghati Trek


Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh is an unexplored trekking destination with easy to moderate difficulties. One such trek is a Buran Pass Trek which served as a pastoral way between Pabbar Valley (Shimla district) to Sangla Valley (Kinnaur district), which involves crossing of Buran Ghati (15500 ft climb). This trek is blend of lush green deodar and pine forests. View of watershed, waterfalls, meadows and lakes add to the beauty of this trek. So you can call it a buffet of all the great Himalayan trek. Janglikh near Chirgaon in Shimla district has convenient road head and can be approached from Shimla via Narkanda or Khadapathar. The trek ends in Burwa village which is a road head destination. One can rest another day to visit the beautiful Kinnauri villages like Chitkul and Sangla.


Day 1: Shimla to Rohru | Pubber River Camps (1500mtrs)

On arrival at Shimla you will be met by our representative at bus stand. Transfer from Shimla to Rohru will be pre arranged by a Sumo/Bolero. On the way visit Giriganga and Hatkoti Temple. By evening reach Rohru, night stay will be at Pubber River Camps.


Day 2: Pubber River Camps to Janglikh to Dayara Thach

- Start early morning from camp and reach Janglikh. - One can explore the village. The village is pure heritage and full of photographers delight. - After breakfast in Janglik, trek towards Dayara Thach. - The trek winds through the thick forests, beautiful meadows and grassy land ascents. - It’s a moderate trek, takes around 4-5 hours to reach Dayara Thach. - Dinner and night stay at beautiful meadow Dayara Thach.


Day 3: Dayara Thach to Litham Thach

- Start your day exploring the Dayara meadows. - This trek promises you thick forest cover, fast gushing streams, meadows and an altitude of 737 feet within 3 hours. - Through the Gunas Pass, snow clad Dhaulandhar range, Silver Birch leads you to the first clear view of Litham. - Cross the Chandranahan stream to reach our Litham campsite. Relax with the best spot on the camp to enjoy the rest of the evening in the laps of nature. - Three sided view of Litham makes it all the more picturesque. Chandranahan Waterfalls on your left followed by Chandranahan Lake and the snow clad mountains.


Day 4: Chandranahan Lake Excursion

- Chandranahan Lake constitutes of glacier tarn perennial snow flanks from its surrounding mountains. - Take the shepherds trail to reach to top of the waterfall. - Chandranahan Lake take another 1 hours time to reach from the waterfalls. - This lake promises you the view of a nestled bowl like glacial amphitheatre. Enjoy the snow and beautiful stone cairns before descending to Litham.


Day 5: Litham to Nalabansh

- A 4 hours trek from Litham Thach to Nalabansh at 13,000 feet. - Pass through the Rupin valley cliffs on the right. While descending the valley, you get the first view of Buran Ghati and gunas waterfall. - A bit more than an hours climb will lead you to Nalabansh. - Relax at the campsite, dinner and overnight stay.


Day 6: Nalabansh to Munirang via Buran Ghati

- With thrilling climb mostly on the snow at 15,000 feet, will be the most adventurous thing you would have ever done. - Two hours descent in the snowline. - Through the flowing stream on the other side is the way to your campsite for overnight stay. - Dinner and night stay at beautiful Munirang.


Day 7: Munirang to Barua Village

- Most diversified trek one can witness specially while descending. - More descent leads you to gushing streams and apple orchards making your trek to Barua Khud all the more mesmerizing. - Spend time with enthusiastic villagers longing to hear your stories. - Follow the trail to Karcham or take a vehicle. - Reach Sangla or Reckong Peo for better road connection to Shimla.


Day 8: Sangla to Shimla Drive

Drive back to Shimla after breakfast

• Transport from Shimla to Shimla

• Camping Equipments, Tents, Kitchen Tents, Toilet Tents, SLeeping Bags, Sleeping Mats

• High Calorie Meals on each day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 

• Experienced and Qualified Trek Guide, Trek Leaders, Cook, Helper

• First Aid with supplimental oxygen and Oximeter  

• Forest Entry Permits and Camping Chrges 

• Free Tantra Tshirts

• Porters to carry personal equipments 

• Trek Completion Certificates

• Meals during transit (While driving from Shimla) 

• Porters to carry personal luggage

• Personal Expenses while on trek (Snacks, Water Bottles, Energy Bars) 

• Cost Escalation due to natural reason

• Anything which is not mentioned in inclusions

• Waterproof Jacket/Raincoat (mandatory) 

• Trekking Shoes. Comfort is a prerequisite 

• Sun Screen lotion, Small Torch, Sunglasses, Cap, T-Shirts

• Track Pants or any comfy lower for Trekking 

• Feather Jacket/Down Jacket

• Thermal Inners/Fleece both upper and lower  

• Personal medicines if required. 

• Sunglasses, Powerbanks

• Backpack (Min 55 Liters) with Rain Cover 

• Two Pair of Socks 

• Light towel 

• Lip Balm 

• Water Bottle 1 Lt

I am the individual registering for this programme and hereby agree to the following:


  1. I understand that if a change in my health or physical condition does occur which might affect my ability to participate in the Program or otherwise exercise safely, that I will immediately notify Tantra AdventureZ.
  2. I agree that Tantra AdventureZ shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries to me resulting from my participation in the event and I expressly release and discharge Tantra AdventureZ, its owners, employees, agents and/or assigns, from all claims, actions, judgments and the like which I or my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns may have or claim to have as a result of any injury or other damage which may occur in connection with my participation in the event.
  3. I understand that whenever I will feel light headed, faint, dizzy, nauseated or experience pain/discomfort during the camp, I will stop the activity and inform the Event Leader of Tantra AdventureZ.
  4. I understand that I am not obligated to perform nor participate in any activity that I do not wish to do, and that is my right to refuse such participation at any time.
  5. I am aware that Tantra AdventureZ does not allow & entertain the consumption of Drugs & Alcohol during the complete activity. If I am found indulging in any such activity, then Tantra AdventureZ has the right to disqualify my participation from the Adventure Activity with immediate effect.
  6. I acknowledge that trainers of Tantra AdventureZ. are not physicians and are not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or any other type of medical advice. Furthermore I am aware that it is always advisable to consult a physician before embarking on any new adventure activity.
  7. In the event of my suffering any medical or health difficulty whilst performing any physical activity, and particularly where I may lose consciousness or be unable to deal with matters myself, I hereby authorize Tantra AdventureZ. to contact a physician and to take me to such physician and/or any appropriate medical clinic or other hospital and to use the services of an ambulance where appropriate and I undertake liability for all costs thereby incurred. I am aware of all inherent dangers during the trip. I acknowledge and understand I will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability or death and  severe social and economic losses which might result not only from my own action, inaction or negligence, but action, inaction or negligence of others, or the condition of the premises on or off site or of any equipment used and further, that there may be other unknown risks not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I assume all these risks and expressly waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue Tantra AdventureZ. for any loss, damage, death, disability, injury, or action of any kind for participating in this camp or any other activities organized by Tantra AdventureZ. and I hereby indemnify and hold Tantra AdventureZ. harmless against any claims by my dependents or other third parties whatsoever arising by reason of my death, disability or injury whilst participating in Adventure Activity.
  8. I am aware that Tantra AdventureZ does not accept responsibility for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or personal property left in vehicles or any other area at the location I am camping.
  9. I understand and accept that no refunds, whether in whole or in part, will be granted if I cannot complete the activity. I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions above.
  10. I notify that I do not have any Criminal Cases/Police Cases running against me.
  11. I agree that this constitutes the entire agreement between me and Tantra AdventureZ. and I acknowledge that I conclude this Agreement of my own free will without force or coercion and not having been induced to do so by reason of any representations on the part of Tantra AdventureZ. and any agreement to terminate this Agreement or to amend or vary it in any way, shall not be of any force or effect unless and until reduced  to writing and signed by the relevant parties
  12. There will be no Refunds in case of Alteration/Cancellaton of the Trip because of any uncertain cause like Landslides, Road Blockage, Vehicle Breakdown, Bad Weather, Any Sudden Government Circular or Notice, Sudden Closer of The Trek Routes or any other similar reason which may-not be under Tantra Adventurez’s control.

I have read this Release and Terms of Agreement and understand all of its terms. I sign it voluntarily and with knowledge of its significance.

Participant Name:                                                                                                             Signature & Date:

1. What is Roopkund and where is it Located ?

- Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.It is  situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

2. What is the best time to go to Roopkund ?

- Roopkund trek is done only for 4 months throughout the year. If you want to experience snow and do on high difficulty then May and June are the best months for this trek. If you want to see skeltons and do the trek in slightly easy way then September and October are the best months for this trek.

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